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FPWB Series Electric Valve Positioner

  • Feature
  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Action principle


  • • Passed CE certification
  • • By Explosion Proof (Ex ia Ⅱ CT6, Ex d Ⅱ BT6, Ex d Ⅱ CT6) Certification
  • • IP67 rating certified through
  • • High vibration resistance (at 5 ~ 200Hz when no effect)
  • • Porous forms of electrical interfaces are easy to connect any direction
  • • Adjustment is simple, easy to implement positive reaction conversion
  • • For small actuators, flow can be eliminated by adjusting the oscillation of stomata
  • • Not need to change parts to complete the 1/2 aliquots control
  • • Designed as part modular structure, easy maintenance and repairs
  • • Easy feedback connections
  • • Low air consumption


  • • FPWB series of electrical and pneumatic control valve positioner supporting the use of closed loop control circuit.
  • • The control system gives a direct current signal is converted into a gas valve drive signal to control the operation of the control valve.
  • • At the same time the control valve opening degree based on the feedback of the valve position to the control signal output by the system for correct positioning.
  • • The locator can be used for electrical single acting (spring return) and double acting pneumatic actuator.


FPWB Series positioner is mainly used in the following areas:

  • • Chemical Industry
  • • Power Plant
  • • Paper and glass
  • • Food and pharmaceutical
  • • Offshore platforms

Action principle

To change the valve position to increase the input current. ① generating force by the torque motor, so that the nozzle ③ ② baffle and thereby increase the distance between the nozzle back pressure decreases rapidly. ⑤ spool moves upward, while ⑦ valve is opened, the air pressure to export a catheter ⑩ actuator. Increased intraluminal pressure actuator ⑾ leaving ⑿ actuator shaft begins to rotate (decrease) With ⑿ actuator shaft begins to rotate, and the feedback lever connected to the feedback spring is stretched. When the retainer input signal according to the electromagnetic force generated by the spring and torque feedback phase equilibrium, ⑿ actuator (including pneumatic actuators and electric actuators ) shaft stops rotating.

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  • Technical parameters Locator
  • FPWB-R Rotary Dimensions
  • FPWB-L Linear Dimensions
  • Optional description Locator

Project/Model FPWB-L FPWB-R
Linear Rotary
Spring return Double acting Spring return Double acting
Input Signal 4-20mA DC
Resistance 250±15Ω
Supply pressure 1.4~7kgf/cm2(20~100psi)
Resistance 250±15Ω
Stroke 10~150mm 0~90°
Trachea Interface PT(NPT)1/4”
Pressure gauge connection PT(NPT)1/8”
Electrical Interface PF1/2”(G1/2”)
Explosion levels Ex d Ⅱ BT6 Ex d Ⅱ CT6 Ex ia Ⅱ CT6
Protection class IP66
Ambient temperature -20℃~70℃
Linear ±1%F.S. ±2%F.S.
Hysteresis ±1%F.S.
Sensitivity ±0.2%F.S. ±0.5%F.S.
Repeatability ±0.5%
Air consumption 3LPM(Sup=1.4kgf/cm2, 20psi)
Flow 80LPM(Sup=1.4kgf/cm2, 20psi)
Material Die-cast aluminum
Weight 2.7kg(6 Ib) 2.8kg(6.2 Ib)