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Do You Know the Right Handwheel Manual

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Valve handwheel manual should be according to the flow chart of pipeline and instrument settings shown in type and quantity. When the flow chart of instrument have specific requirements for certain valve installation position, should be set according to the requirements of process. The type of valve handwheel and temperature pressure level should be in accordance with regulations of the various engineering of piping material level to choose pneumatic actuators or other device. Device area of the valve should be set in easily accessible, easy to operate, repair, once the pneumatic actuators appear problem, can be repaired immediately. Rows pipeline valve should focus on the layout, and consider setting operation platform or ladder. Installed in the pipeline within the handwheel manual, when open ditch cover plate to operate the valve handwheel should not be less than 300 mm under the trench cover, when less than 300 mm in the following, should set the valve extension rod, the handwheel under the trench cover less than 100 mm. Installed in the pipeline inside the handwheel manual: if you need to operate on the ground, or installed on a layer of floor at the bottom of the valve can be set valve extension rod which extends to ditch cover plate, floor, platform. Extension rod hand wheel base operating side around 1200 mm. Less than or equal to DN40 and threaded connection valves should not be used sprocket or extension rod, so as not to damage the valve.

In order not to affect the chain operation, the lower chains will hang on the wall of the near or on the pillar. Combustion Butterfly Valve handwheel manual effective seal depends on the parts of the overall situation and you need to pay special attention to the packing before installation and make sure the packing equipment that needs to change has been isolated according to the field and system effectively. The following handwheel manual is to guide maintenance personnel, engineers, and assembler to correctly install and adjust the packing:

The handwheel manual:

1. When take off the old packing change new packing need to use special tools, as well as with a fastening device preloaded gland nut. In addition, the need to use the standard safety facilities often and comply with the relevant safety handwheel manual.

2. Be careful when you install the valve handwheel when a packing ring, each ring around the axis or stem, before installing the next ring should ensure that the ring have been completely in the stuffing box in place, the next ring should be staggered arrangement, separated by at least 90 degrees, 120 degrees general requirements. The most on a ring installed, tighten the nut by hand, gland evenly press. Water seal ring, if any, shall be checked and stuffing box at the top of the distance is correct, while ensuring the axis or stem free to rotate rotary pneumatic actuator .

3. The valve handwheel manual lifting, don't fastened on the hand wheel or valve stem, in order to avoid damage to these parts, should wear on the flange. For the valve handwheel manual line is connected, must be clean. Can use compressed air to blow to iron oxide and clay sand, slag, and other sundry. These stuff, not only easy to scratch the valve handwheel sealing surface, the larger particles of sundry, can also be closed small valves, disable it.

Using the correct valve handwheel manual before operation, should check valve is closed or open, under normal circumstances, the valve handwheel manual for: clockwise rotation direction of the valve is closed, the counterclockwise direction of the valve is open, according to the direction of rotation of the valve opening and closing operation.

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