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How Pneumatic Actuators Apply in Cold Environment

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Pneumatic actuators works through the input gas pressure to the pneumatic brake air bag. Then promoting the linear motion of the piston, and reaching down pressing the brake friction block to generate friction functions. Pneumatic actuators by air to link, by the return spring to release the disc sliding against the air pressure in the axial direction, then contact friction plate. Disc friction plate is assembled to the hub, to become an integrated structure. Friction plate can unscrew adjusting nut manner decomposition exchange simple.

Due to pneumatic actuators’ working pattern, it must be within the permissible use of pneumatic brakes and brake link workload ranges. However, if it is located in cold place or in winter, the gap between the piston and cylinder will be clogged by fiber of antifreeze cloth or got frozen due to low temperature. Then it may cause the workload exceed the allowable and using it to connect the brake will cause the heat increased, the friction surface red heat, too much heat is likely to cause fire. In addition, it will also directly affect the performance of the pneumatic actuators. So the winter application of pneumatic actuators is attracting more enterprises’ attention.

First of all, it is necessary to deploy any available protection to make it work normally at least. Using a good safety device ventilation hood or other security measure is primary protection method. Also, take serious note that do not exceed the allowable number of revolutions and allowed to raise the number of revolutions. If rotork pneumatic actuator works as it exceeds the allowable number of rotation, the vibration becomes large, depending on the occasion, breakage, and other dangerous state of scattering may occur. Making sure of that look at the number of pneumatic actuators’ rotations allow use of protective cover.

The friction plates cannot be used in wet or oil condition; otherwise it will affect the torque or work performance. In winter, pneumatic actuators’ friction plates are easily getting frozen. So using outside protection like antifreeze cloth to keep working condition warm enough or clean it periodically will help to overcome the performance barrier in winter.

From the overall, the pneumatic actuators should be deployed in a good surrounding environment. Pneumatic actuators’ performance is subject to the external environment. Moisture, oil, dust, vibration and environment with high humidity will directly affect the life and performance of the pneumatic actuators. If the facility can be chosen in a warm place, it is more preferable.

Some other tips like putting the brake disc at the center of the chuck, and the deviation must be less than 0.2mm, the amplitude of the brake disc should be controlled within 0.1mm are better for the winter application of pneumatic actuators. Antifreeze oil can be also an advisable choice for protecting pneumatic actuators performance in winter.

To make your pneumatic actuators works well in winter, it is more preferable to select a set of pneumatic actuators with antifreeze attributes, if the budget allows. Using pneumatic actuators in a right way in winter, you will also feel warm.

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