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How Will Filter Development Trend Go Toward

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As is known to all, the filter has a significant impact on our human life since it came out. The filter is produced to filter something like duty, water, or something we just do not need. And by filtering impurities, we can get what we exactly need, which provides a great deal of convenience to our daily life. That is the reason why we are here studying how nowadays filter development trend goes High Pressure Ball Valve .

Chinese Ancient application filtering technology has already been produced in 200 BC in order to make plant fiber paper. In 105 AD Cai Lun improved the paper method. He used plant fiber pulp papermaking process in dense fine finishes on bamboo. After using water filtered through bamboo gap, a thin layer of wet pulp left on bamboo surface, dry Serve paper was produced this way. It maybe the earliest attempt that human beings produced and used the filter.

As time goes by, human beings used their wisdom to invent different kinds of filters to meet their needs. Thus, we have different kinds of filters like dish filter, in-line filter, double filter, high pressure filter and so on.

As far as I have considered, nowadays filter develops in a diversification way. Nowadays filter has a diversified development trend. One of embodies is that there are different kinds of filters which have different use. Take the air filter for example: air filter is designed to intercept those dust particles in the air. Air filter is the prototype of respiratory protective device to protect breathing. According to records, as early as the first century, Roman have already started to use purifying mask. Taking a panoramic view of the situation, people invented air filter in order to clear the those particulate impurities in the air; people invented oil filter to remove dust, metal particles, carbon deposits and soot particles and other impurities in the oil to protect the engine...That means if we can invent other kinds of filters for new use, they must be welcomed by the public.

In addition, filter development have a trend which connect with electricity tightly. At first, original filter was invented simply, they use manpower or other things, but with the development of technology, filter mainly works by using electric actuators . Nowadays, whatever kinds of filters are electric. Electric actuators make the filter convenient and easy to use.

Furthermore, energy saving will be the development trend for filters. We people used to not care about the nature, and we abuse our materials. With the shortage of the energy, we begin to save the energy, which means that filters must have a development trend to be more energy-efficient.

Filter is tightly connected with our daily life, and it is essential to everyone. Grasping its development trend will certainly benefit mankind.

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