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How to Install a Power Lock Pneumatic Actuators on a Ford Super Duty

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Ford super duty trucks offer power lock pneumatic actuators systems comprising a lock switch, lock circuit wiring and power lock actuators. Every single doorstep has its personal change and energy lock actuator. The lock actuator does the specific operate to lock and unlock the s centered on the input from the lock change. Like all electric add-ons, the energy lock pneumatic actuators is susceptible to brief circuit or afterwards, necessitating substitute. If you're handy with handwheel brands resources, and you have an hour of absolutely free time, you can set up a new energy lock actuator in a ford very responsibility.


1 Near the window in the doorstep you intend to set up the new energy lock actuator. Consider the change bezel out of the very responsibility's doorstep panel with the trim device. Disconnect the energy from the wiring harness by hand.

2 Extract the entire doorstep panel retaining hex-mind screws making use of the socket arranged. Draw handwheel brands upward and then eliminate it from the very responsibility's doorstep by hand to expose the doorstep entry holes.

3 Accomplish into the doorstep and unplug the lock wiring connector from the energy lock actuator. Consider the retaining bolt out of the energy lock actuator with your socket arranged.

4 Swivel the energy lock pneumatic actuators to unhook the actuator from the very responsibility's lock rod by hand. Consider the outdated energy lock actuator from the doorstep and replace it with the new a single.

5 Hook the very responsibility's new energy lock actuator onto the lock rod by hand. Attach the energy lock actuator to the doorstep with the retaining bolt. Plug the lock wiring connector into the new energy lock actuator manually.

6 Placed the very responsibility's doorstep panel back again on the truck doorstep by reversing your removing actions.

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