The History of the Electric Actuators

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The History of the Electric Actuators

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The actuator like pneumatic actuators is also called executing agency. It belongs to a kind of electromechanical equipment that is used in automatic control field. And the actuator is also one of the constituent parts of the automation instrument, with another two testing instrument and adjustment instrument. Its main application is to carry out automatic operation to some equipment and devices, controlling its switch, adjusting and replacing the manual work. And the electric actuators are its main kind due to the incomparable advantage of the electricity power. Therefore, the electric actuators have the fastest development and widest applications. The electric actuators are able to be classified into different types according to different standard: section construction and mechatronics construction; electric appliance control type, electronic control type as well as intelligent control type; numeric type and analog type; manual contact debugging type and infrared remote control type. The electric actuators are developing with the development of people’s requirements to control performance and automatic control technology.

Actually, the electric linear actuator developing history is not very long. And in early industry field, most of the control is manual operation and semi-automatic. And in the middle of the operation, people were going to touch the dangerous parts and poisonous medium in the commercial plants, which did a lot harm to people, so it was not safe in earlier times. And in the early electric actuators development history, the electric actuators had the problems of short service life, easy damage as well as frequent maintenance. And the earlier electric actuators adopted semi-automatic control, which has low control efficiency, large error as well as low production efficiency. And in order to solve these problems, the electric actuators are created and applied in industry and other control fields, reducing and avoiding personal injury equipment troubles, increasing the control accuracy as well as efficiency to a great extent and improve the production efficiency. With the rapid development of the electronic parts and components technology, computer technology as well as control theory, the electric actuators at home and abroad have entered into intelligent control era.

When the electric actuators development history develops to today, it has the widest applications. And there are mainly three aspects of the applications of the electric actuators.

The first application of the electric actuators is in power station, where the electric actuators is used in burner regulating stem, hydraulic push rod, control valve of the smoke and steam, ball valve as well as sliding door. And in other power sectors, the electric actuators also plays important role, such as in controlling larger hydraulic valve, controlling turbine rotational speed, recycling condensate water and reheating thermostatic controller.

The second crucial application of the whole electric actuators development history is process control. The electric actuators is able to be used in process control in industries like chemical, molding, food, medicine as well as packaging. And the final application of the electric actuator is that it has been widely used in industrial automation like aviation, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, and traffic as well as building materials

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