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The Overview of the Electric Actuators Handwheel

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According to the handwheel facts, the full name of the handwheel is the manual impulse or optical-electricity encoder. It is mainly used in numerical control machine tools, upright process center, horizontal machining centre and gantry machining center. Another one of the handwheel facts is that it has the advantages of novel style, convenient movement, anti-interference, strong loading capacity, strong insulating strength due to the plastic shell.

The main function of the electric actuators handwheel is on machine tool equipment, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, medical apparatus and instruments.

And there are mainly three kinds of materials that are commonly used in manufacturing handwheel depending on the handwheel facts. The natural rubber handwheel is widely used in agriculture, industry, national defense, traffic, transportation, machine manufacturing, medical health as well as other aspects in our daily life. And the handwheel made of rubber has strong elasticity and favorable insulativity, plasticity, water and air proof, tensile as well as wear resistance. Just because of these advantages, the electric actuators handwheel is able to be widely used in our daily life Ball Valve .

Another one of the handwheel facts is the resource of another name of the electric actuators handwheel .the optical-electricity encoder is a kind of sensor that transform the machinery geometry displacement of the output shaft through photovoltaic conversion into pulse or digital quality. It belongs to the sensor that has the widest applications up till now. the general optical-electricity encoder mainly consists of optical grating dish and photoelectric detection devices. In servo system, the photoelectric encoder and electromotor have the same axle, so when the electromotor is rotating, the raster dish and electromotor will rotate with the same speed. After checking by detector that is composed of many electronic components like luminous diode, it is able to output several pulse signals pneumatic butterfly valve actuator .

It is able to reflect the rotating speed of present electromotor by calculating the output impulse of the optical-electricity encoder per second. In addition, in order to judge the direction of the rotation, the coded disc is able to provide optical output with two passages that have 90 degrees phase position difference. And it is necessary to make sure the direction of the electric machines according to the situation of double-pass optical code. And based on the testing principle, the optical encoder can be classified into optical profile type, magnetic type, induction type as well as capacitive type. And according to its scale method and ways of the output signal, it is also can be classified into incremental type, absolute type as well as mixing type.

Understanding more of the handwheel facts such as the feature, advantages and disadvantages, operation as well as principle of the electric actuators handwheel is beneficial to using it better.

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