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Flowx valves have always believed that, in order to become a good business, to become good citizens. In 2011, Flowx valve corporate social responsibility to corporate strategy height, as far as it can contribute to the region's economic growth and social development.
In recent years, Flowx valve business get comprehensive promotion, Flowx valve has also been for many years to maintain two digit growth rate, a healthy financial situation is a necessary condition for Flowx valve to better fulfill their social responsibilities. Flowx valve has been fulfilling the obligations to society, as a good corporate citizen as the foundation. At present, Chinese folwx valve focus on corporate social responsibility focus on: business ethics, environmental protection, public welfare and employee rights and interests four aspects.

The future, we will also continue efforts to ensure that the customers, partners, and stakeholders, and business communities fulfill every commitment.

The featured products of flowx valve are pneumatic actuators and electric actuators

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