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In order to meet the comprehensive needs of customers, we have the spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" spirit, with "the most preferential prices, the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality" principle solemnly promise to you:


The company provided free technical advice for you, the product data when necessary, participate in the design of the special requirements of the product, technical parameters calculation of the special requirements of users.


The delivery commitment

The company will be in strict accordance with the provisions of the contract delivery time (irresistible reasons except); if the customer on site equipment stored on it, the company will own product warehouse as the customer product warehouse to handle customers for our products such as electric actuators and pneumatic actuators, in the heart at the same time, feel my company the product is convenient, comfortable.


The company promised to provide the goods are brand new, unused, using the best materials and first-class technology, and in accordance with the requirements of quality, specifications and performance as stipulated in this contract in all respects, responsible for the defects or faults caused by defects in design, workmanship or materials.

Customer service

The company set up special customer files. Remind customer maintenance period, and provide technical support and service. Life-long follow-up with the user on the maintenance of the equipment.

One, the company's product warranty for goods within 12 months through the final acceptance, in the warranty period of three.

Two, regularly send professional and technical personnel to the user, and provide technical support.

Three, if the client need technical support during the installation process, the company will send the after sale service personnel to provide free technical advisory services; customer problems occur in the process of installation and use, in receiving notice from the customers, 1 hours technical response, 4 hours to come up with solutions, to arrive at the scene within 4-72 hours.

Four, the company can provide first-class customer service service to customers. In the first installation of the equipment, the company will send engineers to provide technical training for equipment installation, commissioning and the use of personnel.