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Adjust the Pressure Valve and Principle and Scope of Use

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Adjust the Pressure Valve and Principle and Scope of Use

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Self pressure regulating FLOWX Solenoid valve ;is widely used in industry, is no external resources, changes only need to test their own pressure, temperature or flow rate, set the value of a control device can automatically adjust the advance, this is an energy saving type instrument, instrument control system has the control function etc.. It can be divided into self pressure (pressure) control valve, self operated (pressure difference) flow control valve, self operated temperature control valve. Suitable for city heating, for heating and no electricity, gas and the need for control applications.

The working principle of self pressure regulating valve: the total valve, the valve before the control two, the valve before the pressure P1 through the throttle valve core, valve seat, valve into the pressure P2. P2 membrane interior through the line input on the role of the top plate, the reaction force and the spring balance, determines the relative position of the spool, valve seat, the pressure control valve. As P2 increases, the force P2 acting on the top plate also increases. At this point, the top plate is greater than the force of spring force, so that the Butterfly Valve is close to the seat. At this time, flow between the spool and valve seat area reduced, flow resistance increases, P2 decreases, until the top plate and the spring reaction force balance so far, so that the reduced set value P2. Similarly, when the P2 is lowered. Direction and the opposite effect, the working principle of this is after the pressure regulator valve. Self pressure regulating valve on the application is also very broad application, prominent in the higher viscosity of the medium.

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