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The Valve Connection

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The Valve Connection

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Including the common way to connect the valve: flange on the clip connections, welded connections, threaded connections, the card sets of connections, clamp connections, self sealing connections to connect the form electric actuators .

1, the flange connection:

Flange connection is provided with flanges at both ends of the valve body, and the corresponding pipe flange, installed in the pipeline flange by bolts. Valve flange connection is connected with most forms. A convex flange (RF), flat (FF), the convex and concave surface (MF) of points.

2, on the clip connections:

Valve installed in the middle of the two flange, valve usually has a positioning hole to facilitate the installation location, bolted directly to the u type butterfly valve ; and two pipe clamped at the connection form.

3, welding connection:

Both ends of the valve body by welded butt weld groove machining requirements, and the corresponding groove pipe welding, pipe fixed by welding. Socket welding connection: body ends by socket welding requirements of processing, and pipeline through socket weld.

4, thread connection:

Thread connection is a simple connection method, commonly used in the small valve. Standards body by the thread processing, internal and external thread two. And the corresponding pipe thread.

5, the card sets of connections:

Card sets of connections, developed only in recent years in China, its connection and sealing principle is that, when tightened nut, sleeve under pressure, to bite into the tube outer blade, the card sets and outside the cone under pressure and the joint cone seal the body, which can reliably prevent leakage. Such as instrumentation valves.

6, the clamp connection:

This is a quick connection method, which only two bolts, applicable to the regular removal of the low pressure valve. Such as sanitary valves.

7, since the tight connection:

The form of the above connections, are used to offset the external medium pressure to achieve seal. Here from the use of medium pressure tight connection forms. It seals is provided on the inner cone, the opposite side of medium with a certain angle, medium pressure to pass within the cone, then passed to the ring, to a certain point of the cone, producing two to contribute, a body axis parallel to the outside, another pressure to the body wall. Force behind this is that since the tightening force. Medium pressure greater, since the bear is also greater. So this kind of connection form, suitable for high-pressure valve.

Other valve is still a lot of forms, for example, some do not have to remove the small valve, welded together with the tube; some non-metallic valves, with socket type connection, and so on.

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