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The Characteristics And Technical Specification of Power Station Valve

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The Characteristics And Technical Specification of Power Station Valve

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One, introduction power station valve

"Special valve power station valve" also known as the power station, line the main fire station for the various systems, cut off or connected to the pipeline medium. Suitable medium: water, steam and other non corrosive media. Power station valves and other valve products than is characterized by high temperature and high pressure, the unique self seal design, the higher the pressure, the more reliable seal. Because of the special technical performance characteristics, conditions of formation of the products can not be replaced by other product characteristics.

Two, power station valve main design specification

Design and manufacture of GB/T12234 ASMEB16.34

The length of the structure JB/T3595

Interface connection size JB/T3595 GB/T12224

Inspection and test of JB/T3595 MSS SP61

The pressure and temperature of the benchmark JB/T3595 ANSI B16.34

Three, power station valve pressure rating

The nominal pressure of 200, 250, 320

Working pressure of P 55 100V, P 55 140V, P 55 170V

Four, power station valve structure

1 the pressure seal, valve pipe ends are connected by welding.

The 2 valve seat, valve sealing surface of valve using cobalt based alloy plasma spray welding, wear resistance, good anti abrasion performance.

3 stem through the corrosion resistance of nitriding treatment, with good corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

Five, power station valve related standards

JBT 3595-2002 power station valves General requirements

JB/T 5263-2005 power station valve steel casting technology

JB/T 4018 power station valve model establishment method

DL 959-2005 boiler safety valve application guide

DLT 531-1994 high temperature and high pressure cut-off valve Gate Valve; technical conditions

DLT 641-2005 power station valve electric actuators

DLT 850-2004 power plant piping

GB 10869 the power station valve technology conditions

GBT 10868-2005 station temperature and pressure reducing valve

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