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Valve Logo Have Those Provisions in the Valve Industry

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Valve Logo Have Those Provisions in the Valve Industry

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"Through the Butterfly Valve supply requirements" standard, should have clear signs of valve, with the following labeling method:

The nominal dimension of DN, nominal pressure PN, pressure parts material code, manufacturer's name or trademark is to use the logo, should be marked on the valve body (the nominal size small 50mm valve, the four items are marked on the body or the label, from product design provisions).

The medium flow arrow and sealing ring (PAD) code, only when some of the provisions of some kind of valve standards is to use the logo, they should be separately marked on valve body and flange.

If no special regulations of various valves network standard, then the limit temperature (c), thread code, extreme pressure, factory number, standard number, melting furnace, internal materials code, station number, code, and test marking, lining material quality inspection personnel mark, manufacturing date, flow characteristics study according to marks to be selected to use. When necessary, can be marked on body or plate.

Note: the nominal pressure casting body symbol value is equal to 10 times the MPa (MPa) number, set in nominal diameter values below, not as the codename "PN before its" rotary pneumatic actuator .

In addition also provides: signs should be firmly fixed in the obvious parts of the valve, the content must be complete, correct and should meet the requirements of relevant standards, the application of stainless steel, copper alloy or aluminum alloy.

For the hand wheel to sign, if the hand wheel size is sufficient, the hand wheel valve should be closed direction is the direction of the arrow or additional "off".

For additional signs marking the following provisions: in different positions can be attached to any of these signs, for example: in any mark on body, also can be repeated in the label. At the same time, as long as the confusion sign additional mark and not in the table, can be attached to any other signs, such as: product model etc..

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